• An ill-conceived layout: the main mistake in web design

    Users come to your site because they need information, but if this information is poorly organized, they go away. Therefore, the entire structure of the page should be thought through so that the user can understand where to find what he needs, just by running his eyes through it.

    To prevent the main mistakes of web design on your next layout:
    Always use a grid. It divides the layout into vertical and/or horizontal guides, around which the content of the page is built. Apply the rule of two third: divide the image into 9 identical parts (3 x 3) and place the object to which you want to draw attention at the intersection of these lines. Adhere to the rule of the golden section - you do not even need to do manual calculations, just use one of the many online calculators. The page layout is divided into two parts, large (a) and smaller (b), and (a + b): a = a: b.