• Inspiration by Tilen Ti

    Tilen Ti is a world-famous artist. He gained popularity thanks to the original use of watercolor technique. Colorful spray is an indispensable part of his paintings. It is this unusual reflection of banal and ordinary things that makes his artworks unique and memorable.

    Tilen Ti was born in Malaysia, Phang. In 2006 he moved to Singapore. And a little later, in 2009, he began to draw, although art fascinated him from primary school. Now the young artist has four personal exhibitions on his account.

    In the watercolors of the contemporary artist Tilen Ti shows the exotic world of Singapore, birds, fish, animals, city landscapes are reflected.

    Also in the watercolor drawings Tilen Ti shows us animals with bright colors and transfers their living energy. The spray leaves the impression that the beasts seem to shake off a drop of rain or snow.