• The importance of fonts

    The best font is that, which is the most suitable for a particular case. It means that the headset, which looks best and, for example, takes a little space, does not necessarily become the one that will be chosen. Audience expectations and customer requirements should always be taken into account, this is also a good start for many projects.

    The main task of selecting a headset is to attract viewers. The goals that must be achieved through the work must always be clearly marked and directed to the target audience.

    Do not forget about the age category and the interests of the audience. Projects for the audience interested in high technologies, for example, have their own requirements. The headset used in this case will be exactly modern: the choice can be between angular or smooth fonts.

    Fonts are not bad or good, rather, it will be correct to say that they are suitable and inappropriate. The headset should not be selected until it becomes clear who will read the test and what should be delivered to the audience.